Patricia M. Coleman

Senior Consultant & Strategist

Get to know me in three:

My home away from home: It is difficult to say where home is when we are a global citizen, yet the one place where I can be myself, dream, connect with others and embrace diversity is Disney World in Orlando Florida. It is a playground for all to come together regardless of our differences and where, for a moment we are ONE people.

My diversity story: I am a dual citizen of the USA and France. Born in Paris France of “domino” parents (a white mom and black dad), I navigated being different at an early age. As a “woman of color”, I embraced my blond, blue eyes maternal family and loved my diverse classmates who were West and North Africans, and who looked more like me. However, it is when I met my dad’s side of the family, a mix of African heritage and Indo Caribbean of “shades of brown and black”,  when I moved to the Americas that I experienced culture shock. I was similar on the outside but not inside. I later understood that values and beliefs are what shape you in who you are, not your appearance. A similar experience when moving to the USA and marrying into an African American family where the subject of “Being black” although a connector, taught me to further embrace differences through curiosity, building relationship and trust while shifting my beliefs to integrate a world of unique identities.

The values that influence me: I have been shaped by key values. I am diversity and I love diversity, connecting to people by empowering them while learning from one another. Being kind, compassionate and empathetic are my strengths. My relationship orientation combined with my can-do attitude helps me build trust while tackling issues of importance including challenges. I get things done with and through people thanks to relationship building, mindful communication, respectful collaboration, and results orientation.


Patricia M Coleman is an international speaker, business consultant, trainer and coach, specializes in International Business, Cross-Cultural consulting and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging training in various fields such as Travel & Hospitality, International Education, Global Mobility, Global Corporate Compliance, Global Talent acquisition and Management.


She has lived and done business internationally for over 30 years. She walks the talk navigating cultural differences locally and globally due to her personal life experience, rich ethnic heritage, and career achievements. She is multilingual, speaks Fluent English and French, has an advance command of Spanish, basic German and currently exploring Brazilian Portuguese.


Patricia’s strength is understanding and bringing people together regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or generational gap. Her coaching techniques start each client with a look within of their personal and cultural identity raising awareness of their values and beliefs and how to interact inclusively with others.


Patricia is a co-author of Cultural Detective-African American as well as the author and lead facilitator of the seminar series: “Face of Women around the world”, “What are you? You don’t look French” (Stories of identity in a diverse world), “Working with virtual teams”, “Doing business in the Caribbean is No vacation”, “Successful communication across cultures with a smile”, “Study abroad is NO game” (student athletes) and more.


She holds certifications such as Life Coaching from CTA recognized by International Coaching Federation, Global Inclusion Calculator by RW3 CultureWizard™️, Intercultural Development Inventory®️  (I.D.I). Formal education includes a B.A degree in International Business and Modern Languages from Eckerd College of St. Petersburg in Florida, USA. An M.B.A. degree with a concentration in International Business and Marketing from University of Tampa, Florida, USA.


She is a former President of SIETAR USA and Global SIETAR Leadership group. An active ambassador to SIETAR Europa and SIETAR France.

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