Translation: Globalization and Localization

Scale cultural competence and DEI training for your global team

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We recognize that your team spans culture and geography. That’s why global inclusion and cultural understanding have been at the core of what we do since the beginning, spanning work with Fortune 500 companies to NGOs on six continents.

Because language is more than just words, we proudly leverage a team of consultants, translators, and facilitators with experience working and living in over 70 countries combined. We help you launch global DEI strategy and content in all the languages of your multilingual workforce.


Our in-house translation team can nimbly localize our learning tools or any additional content to remain culturally relevant in the communities your team lives and the languages they speak. Localization ensures our proven, evidence-based solutions resonate with and motivate your employees, keeping DEI culturally front and center regardless of location.

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Culturally Competent Global Impact


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Ready to scale impact for your multilingual team?

Our subject-matter expertise, coaching, and intercultural experience help us deliver impactful results for each client we partner with.
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