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Large or small, local or global—LCW’s experienced consultants are your trusted partners in unlocking your organization’s full potential

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Helping you activate the power and productivity of your culturally diverse workforce

Our organizational development experts begin each engagement by listening to understand. We help you assess your organization’s culture, strategically identify areas for growth and development, and implement customized interventions and learning journeys.

Strategic Consulting Services

We’re committed to helping you embed equity, inclusion, and cultural competence into all levels of your organizational culture and talent lifecycle. Our consulting services meet you where you are in your DEI journey, whether that means working with you to create your organization’s first DEI strategy or helping you identify how to take your current strategy to the next level.

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Talent Management Systems Analysis

For true “top talent” to flourish, you need policies, practices, tools, and technologies for managing people and culture that allow you to leverage cultural difference as an asset. By conducting a deep analysis of 20 distinct components of your talent system, we help you begin disrupting biases and create more equitable processes and systems for assessing your organization’s future leaders.

Targeted Focus Groups & Interviews

Engaging your workforce to understand team members’ lived experiences is essential to identifying opportunities for growth within your organization. We help scale your work to meet the needs of your global workforce by providing multilingual surveys and conducting native language interviews to hone in on diverse and global perspectives of your culture. When focus groups are identity-based, we ensure discussions are led by facilitators with shared aspects of participants’ identities.

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Employee Resource Group (ERG) Development

LCW expert consultants help introduce structure and intent to new, evolving, or existing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)—also called Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and Affinity Groups—to cultivate a culture of growth and development where employees who share a social identity (e.g., race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or another affinity based on similar sets of experiences) can easily and regularly connect with peers and allies. Through simple audits and interviews, LCW consultants work together to build resource group toolkits, trainings for your stakeholders, and a strategic plan that aligns with your business needs.

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Regardless of where your organization is on your journey, we’re your partner in creating a sustainable culture of inclusion.

Our subject-matter expertise, coaching, and intercultural experience help us deliver impactful results for each client we partner with.
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