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Our dynamic library and expert facilitators support your organization’s evolving training needs.

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Constructed to be self-paced, interactive, and globally scalable, eLearning programs are offered in multiple languages and can be purchased off-the-shelf or customized.​


Created to support behavior-change by providing quick, scalable, and mobile-friendly reinforcements to support learners at specific people-management decision points.

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Facilitated trainings

Developed by adult learning experts, skill-building workshops help participants readily convert concepts into behaviors. Workshops are delivered virtually or on-site.

Toolkits & discussion guides

Designed to help facilitate conversations with teams to strengthen learning outcomes and influence inclusive behaviors company-wide.

Mitigating bias

Addressing unconscious bias is a critical first step toward creating inclusive companies and organizations. That’s why we offer a robust library of multi-modal learning solutions that cover the full talent lifecycle where unconscious bias often manifests itself.

Most popular courses
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Introduction to Managing Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias can undermine our goals for creating an inclusive environment. This program provides a foundational step for interrupting bias in the…..Read more »

Audience: HR, Individual Contributors, Leaders & Executives


Managing Unconscious Bias Series

Promote ongoing development of inclusive mindsets with these microLearning modules that delve into: Managing Unconscious Bias in Recruiting, Managing …..Read more »

Audience: People Managers, HR, Recruiters

Facilitated training

Managing Bias for Managers and Leaders

Unconscious biases influence how we perceive, treat, and evaluate people in all areas of talent management. This program provides strategies to recognize…..Read more »

Audience: Leaders & Executives, People Managers

These courses are just three highlights taken from our extensive training library.

Workplace inclusion

An inclusive culture exists when individuals engage one another on their own terms and managers optimize their teams’ full capacity of talent. Our Inclusion Training programs help organizations do just that – while promoting innovation, brand equity, employee engagement, and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Most popular courses
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Mini-Workshops for Inclusion Champions

Mini-Workshops for Inclusion Champions is a series of 1–1.5-hour virtual workshops around various inclusion topics that build cultural competencies by addressing cultural challenges, bias scenarios, and tailored case studies. Spotlights include:…..Read more »

Audience: Individual Contributors, Employee Resource Groups, Human Resource Business Partners, Executive Teams, DEI Advisory Board Leaders, All Audiences

Facilitated Training

Leading with Conscious Inclusion

In this action-oriented training, leaders first analyze how to execute business priorities more effectively with an emphasis on building a culture of inclusion. Leaders then develop a Conscious Inclusion Plan for accountability on an individual and organizational level to…..Read more »

Audience: People Leaders, Senior Leaders

Facilitated Training

Understanding Microaggressions

This highly interactive program provides skills for people leaders to identify and address microaggressions in the workplace while instilling a sense of urgency to identify and address microaggressions subtle acts of exclusion in order to support a culture of inclusion. …..Read more »

Audience: Leaders & Executives, People Managers

These courses are just three highlights taken from our extensive training library.

Cultural literacy

Because culture is so deeply rooted inside our minds and hearts, we often can’t imagine a world where our values are thought of any other way. Our Cultural Competence programs help individuals more deeply understand their own cultural lens and the cultural lens others bring with them, so they can successfully connect across cultures.

Most popular courses

Facilitated Training

Cultural Immersion Series

LCW’s Cultural Immersions Series are half-day sessions that are designed to awaken allies to the experiences of particular communities/cultures and their shared experience and worldviews. Current offerings include Understanding the Asian American Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and Muslim Experiences.

Audience: Employee Resource Group Leaders, Human Resource Leaders, CEO and Executive Teams, D&I Advisory Boards, Business Leaders, All Audiences

Facilitated Training

Navigating Global Cultures

This program provides a foundation for intercultural competence and the tools necessary to navigate cultures and culture change—around the cultures that matter most to them.

Audience: HR, Individual Contributors, Leaders & Executives, and People Managers


Culture & Identity

This program introduces the concepts of culture and cultural background so participants can move beyond national culture to explore how the various cultural groups we belong to shape and impact our identity.

Audience: HR, Individual Contributors, Leaders & Executives, and People Managers

These courses are just three highlights taken from our extensive training library.

Course Delivery

How we provide impactful training

Scalable solutions

Our interactive suite of eLearning and microLearning solutions are scalable to fit your global team’s size, technology, and language needs. Our subscription model pricing structure allows you to customize your training offerings, so you can integrate just-in-time learning that can flex to fit your workforce’s evolving needs.

Structured delivery

Pair complementary eLearnings, microLearnings, facilitated trainings, and toolkits and discussion guides to create an intentional learning path. Our Sustainable Culture of Inclusion ModelTM and Learning Journeys provide the structure needed to transform your organization’s teams and culture.

About LCW trainings

We maintain a robust library of eLearnings, microLearnings, Facilitated Trainings, and Toolkits and Discussion guides that address Mitigating Bias, Workplace Inclusion, and Cultural Literacy.

Generally, the duration of our trainings ranges from 1 hour (mini-workshops) to 4 hours (cultural immersions). The length of the training is dependent on the session objectives, the activities included, and the level of the coursework.

LCW facilitated trainings encourage active practice of skills and conversation. When conducted virtually, each program includes facilitation in an online classroom that allows interactive learning through breakout rooms, chat, polls, videos, and more. In order for these sessions to achieve maximum impact, the recommended class size up to 30-40 participants.

LCW employs full-time facilitators and adult learning experts who embody cultural diversity across multiple dimensions. Our collective experience spans over 70 countries, and we take pride in connecting with clients in the languages, locations, and cultures of their global workforce.

Get to know our team. 

Our eLearnings and microLearnings are delivered via a Content Management System (CMS) that seamlessly integrates with your Learning Management System (LMS) and single sign on (SSO) as you require. This allows you to receive live content updates and reporting metrics.

If your organization does not use an LMS, we will help you distribute your learnings directly to your employees using our CMS.

Ask us about customizing your training to seamlessly include your organization’s branding.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world. Though it was drafted and passed by the European Union (EU), it imposes obligations onto organizations anywhere so long as they target or collect data related to people in the EU.

As a best practice, when LCW shares a SCORM wrapped file for LMS upload, we will hash out the usernames (this means the user information will be obfuscated) to protect the privacy of users.

At LCW, we seek to understand your organization’s culture to leverage your strengths and maximize impact. For an additional fee, we can customize training content and duration as necessitated by your unique needs.

Regardless of where your organization is on your journey, we’re your partner in creating a sustainable culture of inclusion.

Our subject-matter expertise, coaching, and intercultural experience help us deliver impactful results for each client we partner with.
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