Larry Baker

Senior Facilitator
A smiling man wearing a suit and glasses

Get to know me in three:

My home away from home:Hawaii
The project that inspires me:The Black Experience in America is vitally important because as a Black man in America , this isn’t just a presentation for me. It’s an opportunity to tell a story that is seldomly told and motivate people to look at how Black history is the cornerstone to American history. I want this work to open up a dialogue that can potentially bridge the gap and create a better understanding of how to make the world more inclusive.
The values that influence me:At my grandmother’s funeral, the pastor said ‘On your tombstone, there will be a birth date and a date of your death. But there is usually a dash that separates those two dates. It’s what you do ‘in the dash’ that tells the story of your life’. It is my goal to make a difference for someone else during that “dash”!


Larry applies 20 years of adult learning experience in leadership development, performance improvement, and diversity and inclusion initiatives to design LCW programs that offer practical, performance-based impact. Often described as an engaging and motivational master level facilitator, Larry has a unique ability to take the learner on a pathway to discovery.


A Chicago native, Larry’s career in the Fortune 500 space spans the financial services, insurance, retail, human resources, call centers, and IT sectors. His earlier career included a role at State Farm as a Performance Improvement Consultant and Development Advisor, and later as an executive team member at Target. Today, Larry encourages and inspires individuals at Eli Lilly, Boston Consulting Group, US Bank, and others to cultivate a deeper self-awareness that allows them to enhance their relationships with their colleagues and the communities they live in.


Larry has a B.S. in Sociology from Illinois State University, which allows him the ability to examine how an individual’s social condition could potentially have a systemic impact on an organization’s inclusion objectives. He lives in Chicago with his lovely wife and his three wonderful children. Away from work, you can expect Larry to be attending one of his children’s events, spending quality time with his spouse, rooting for his Chicago based sports teams, or participating in activities sponsored within his church.

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