Chuck Adams

Chief Executive Officer
A smiling bald man with short facial hair wearing glasses

Get to know me in three:

My home away from home:
One of my favorite places is Krakow, Poland. Krakow is a beautiful medieval city of breath-taking charm, warm citizens, truly important history, and delicious comfort foods. I’ve been many times and have enjoyed each visit more than the last. I can hardly wait to return.
The values that influence me:
Social justice and strong sense of empathy continue to drive me to this day. As a kid growing up in housing projects on public assistance I saw that others were living lives on the margins like mine, and sometimes were far less fortunate. But I wasn’t the only one suffering and I recognized this early. Because of this I have always tried to take actions that lead to a more just and fair existence for those beyond myself and my immediate circle.
What makes LCW special:
The people working at LCW make it special. They are thoroughly dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional, personalized approaches to their culture and inclusion challenges at any, or every, stage of the talent lifecycle. This is critical for clients wanting to be seen as an employer of choice in a constrained talent market and broadly diversifying world.


Chuck is an accomplished and adaptive leader with over 20 years of proven experience leading transformation in organizations, ecosystems, and teams. He brings to LCW broad global leadership experience in Culture and Inclusion, Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition, HR Operations, and Legal Compliance. He leverages strong interpersonal and communication skills to build authentic and productive relationships with clients.


His experiences are informed by a career spent in business both as a consumer of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) services and as a practitioner of internal and external D&I interventions. He also has deep experience de-biasing talent systems and processes throughout the talent lifecycle. Chuck is known as a calm and thoughtful problem solver.


Prior to joining LCW, Chuck successfully led global teams in Talent Development, Talent Acquisition, HR Operations, and Legal and Compliance at Aon, Hewitt Associates, and Tellabs. At Hewitt he was also responsible for designing and delivering D&I programs for external clients like McKesson, Baxter, Boston Scientific, and others. Chuck has designed and delivered programs domestically and across Canada, Germany, India, Poland, and the UK.


Chuck has 20 years’ experience in community, education and corporate Diversity and Inclusion programs. He has a B.A. in American History and a M.S. in Instructional Design and Adult Learning from Western Illinois University.

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