Social Movements & Self Care: How Black & DEI Professionals Can Support their Well-Being Right Now (Video)

Taylor Elyse Morrison: Inner Workout

Several weeks have now passed since the world witnessed the tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Within that span of time,  the race conversation has expanded beyond our homes to nearly every corner of our lives – including the workplace.

While the sea change in racial discourse is both a positive and necessary step in the path toward racial equity, for some of us, this time has brought additional challenges and pressures. Black professionals are juggling layers of grief and stress both within and outside of work. And DEI professionals are busier than ever supporting people and organizations that are relying on them to help deliver on promises made.

That’s why we sat down with Taylor Elyse Morrison, founder of Inner Workout, to discuss how Black and DEI professionals can take care of and focus on their own self-care in this unprecedented moment. Inner Workout is a company that offers classes focused on a multi-dimensional self-care practice that includes restorative movement, breathwork, meditation, and journaling.

In this quick interview, we discuss:
  • How Taylor began building her innovative self-care practice while forging a career in Allstate’s Leadership Development Program (3:12)
  • What it’s been like navigating COVID-19 and racial unrest from a personal and professional perspective (5:23)
  • Critical self-care advice for Black professionals who are navigating race in a new way in the workplace (8:50)
  • Down-to-earth well-being strategies for busy and challenged DEI professionals (12:33)
  • What makes her hopeful for the future – and why she thinks some companies are doing a better job than others when it comes to supporting Black employees and communities (15:23)

Watch, listen and share this interview with anyone you know who needs a small boost in this important moment.


Social Movements & Self Care: How Black & DEI Professionals Can Support their Well-being Right Now from LCW on Vimeo.

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