As we enter this new year, LCW is pleased to launch our newest project, the Culture Moments Podcast! We’re kicking it all off with our first season, Around the World in 20 Years: Global Lessons in DEI.

Last year, LCW happened to wrap up 20 years in business during what can only be described as the most tumultuous year in recent memory. As a result of critical events like COVID-19 and the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement, we found ourselves not only reflecting upon the past 20 years but also discussing what’s needed to create a more equitable world in the next 20 to come.

That’s why we decided to invite practitioners and experts from across the globe that have been a part of our 20-year intercultural and DEI journey to share their stories from the last 20 years and also their deep perspective on our industry – where it’s been and where it is going. We’re excited to bring you their unique insights – especially as organizations and DEI experts around the world continue to grapple with new challenges in 2021.

Each episode, we’ll feature show notes here along with a full transcript. Listen to the trailer to learn more about this upcoming season, or read the full transcript below. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for our first official episode (with a special guest) launching this week!

Show Transcript 

Hi everyone, my name is Tanya Stanfield and welcome to the launch of LCW’s new podcast! This is something that the LCW team has wanted to do for a long time, and we’re proud to launch it with our new series, Around the World in 20 Years: Global Lessons in DEI.

20 years ago, Randall Stieghorst and Monica Marcel returned from the Peace Corps in Latvia with a vision to inspire professionals to connect across cultures and continents. From there, LCW was born, and they began offering translation services and cultural competence training across the globe for organizations ranging from NGOs to Fortune 500s, and everything in between.

But we couldn’t have done all that alone. That’s why late last year and earlier this year, we started having conversations with friends, clients, and teammates about what we should do to celebrate this milestone. By Q1, we decided that we wanted to do a video montage of all of our clients and friends who have been a part of our story. Our Multimedia Director travel to record leaders all over the country, or said leaders would use their own high-quality production studios to share stories from LCW.

But then March happened, and COVID interrupted so many lives. Needless to say, our global video production plans kind of sputtered. Besides, like many of you, we were adjusting to the new normal.  We had been doing virtual training for several years, but for many of our client partners, this was a whole new world.  And we were focused on helping them continue to deliver training and solutions in whatever capacity possible.

And with the racial reawakening that happened with the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others, we turned our focus to supporting them and creating new training programs and innovative solutions – just as we’ve done for the past 20 years. To be blunt, we’ve been keeping busy.

But still, we couldn’t let the opportunity to celebrate 20 years pass us by, which is why we’re taking this opportunity to launch our podcast with a series that highlights and celebrates all of those thought leaders who have helped shape us over the years. We’re excited to share not only our story through their eyes,  but also their immense wisdom and insights to help guide us all in the years to come.

And of course, once the series ends, the podcast will continue. We’ll continue to follow a similar format of engaging DEI practitioners and champions across the globe to share their work and insights. While this podcast will be distributed across all the major platforms, we welcome you to add your own thoughts and insights to the conversation at, where we will also be posting these sessions along with the transcripts.

We hope you continue to follow and enjoy the conversations that unfold over the coming weeks!

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