New Series: “Culture Moments Amid COVID-19”

To help navigate issues related to culture, gender, race, identity and intersectionality in the age of COVID-19, LCW has launched a new series of conversations targeting the pandemic’s impact on specific communities.

Culture Moments Amid COVID-19 features special experts sharing authentic and personal cultural insights, inside stories, historical context and current experiences that provide a cultural lens on how COVID-19 is impacting us all on an individual and community-wide level. Together inside LCW’s virtual classroom, we’ll explore topical questions like:

  • What is top of mind for members of this specific culture right now? What can we learn from this community’s experiences or history?
  • What are some of the inside stories others likely don’t know, about how the current situation is affecting this particular community and its well-being?
  • What are some particular intersections and aspects of identity that are playing out within this community, that deserve our collective attention?
  • What are some long-term considerations, when it comes to engaging this community in the ‘new normal’ over the next weeks, months and years?
  • What are practical tips for allies, companies and leaders right now – to make this community feel seen, connected, and valued?

Each 30-minute interview is followed by 15 minutes of rapid response audience Q&A. New conversations will be added here on a rolling basis.


Series Episodes (Updated 5/21/20)

Inside Stories from Small Businesses  (Instant Replay / Resource Guide)

Despite existing inequities, minority-owned businesses produce more than $400 billion in annual revenue and actively employ more than 2.2 million people in the U.S. Bernard Coleman, Head of Employee Engagement at Gusto, joins LCW for a candid conversation on COVID-19’s impact on small business and how we can help #BendTheCurveforSmallBiz – particularly in underrepresented communities.


Inside the Stories of Disparate Impact on African Americans (Instant Replay / Resource Guide)

For many, COVID-19 has shed vivid light on the healthcare inequities that have affected the African-American community for decades. Camille Chang Gilmore, Vice President, Global Chief Diversity Officer at Boston Scientific, joins LCW to share historical and personal perspectives that provide context for COVID-19’s disparate impact on the health of African Americans.


Inside Stories of Working Mothers (Instant ReplayResource Guide)

COVID-19’s far-reaching impact on working mothers of all backgrounds remains a complex topic of discussion and debate. With candor and a touch of humor, Mita Mallick, Head of Diversity and Cross Cultural Marketing at Unilever NA, shares stories and experiences of working mothers across multiple cultural dimensions and how all of us can make this community feel seen, connected, and valued.


Inside Stories of Millennials & 2020 Graduates (Instant Replay / Resource Guide)

Millennials’ experiences entering the job market during the 2008 recession, or coming of age amid 9/11, are shaping their current experience in the COVID-19. Noor-ul-ain S. Hasan, J.D. Candidate, UC Berkeley 2020, Former Editor-in-Chief California Law Review shares  inside stories about how COVID-19 is affecting this particular community along with solutions for engaging this community in the “new normal.”


Inside Stories from the LGBTQ+ Community (Instant ReplayResource Guide)

What’s top of mind for members of the LGBTQ+ community right now, and how is this community’s experience with COVID-19 influenced by their recent history? Join Dr. Joel Brown, Chief Visionary Officer of Pneumos, for a conversation on the many ways COVID-19 is effecting the LGBTQ+ Community and practical tips for engaging this community on its own terms.


A New World for Service Industry Workers (Instant Replay / Resource Guide Coming Soon)

The sudden loss of jobs across the service industry has illuminated the lives and economic impact of millions of workers. Join LCW and special guest Tyronne Stoudemire, Vice President & Global Chief Diversity and Internal Officer at Hyatt Hotels Corporation for a conversation highlighting COVID-19’s deep and far-reaching impact on workers in areas like hospitality, retail, and more.


Inside Stories from Muslims during Ramadan (Instant Replay)

As Ramadan comes to a close, COVID-19 continues to impact how Muslims all over the world celebrate a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. Join LCW and Aisha Ghori Ozaki, Manager, Inclusive Diversity, Allstate to hear inside stories from this unique perspective. 


Mental Health, Language & the Latinx Experience (Instant Replay)

What role does cultural and linguistic competence play in supporting the mental health needs of the Latinx community, and how can we use this opportunity to normalize the conversation about mental health when we can finally see how we’re all affected? Monica Villalta, Director of Inclusion and Diversity Officer at the National Alliance on Mental Health joins us to share her insights on this topic and others impacting the Latinx community during this crisis.

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