Learning with LCW: Creating a culture of inclusion that fosters high performance

[Webinar] Creating a culture of inclusion that fosters high performance

In the last three years, organizations have taken unprecedented steps to advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in their organizations. Have their efforts been successful? Creating impact that is both measurable and sustainable is both the most vital and most difficult aspect of DEIB work as well as of culture work more broadly.

This session explores LCW’s Sustainable Culture of Inclusion Model (SCI), LCW’s framework for understanding organizational maturity. LCW believes that the cultural diversity inherent in all organizations is an asset that can be leveraged to build high performance, and that sustainable cultures of inclusion are the foundation for this success. LCW deploys the SCI framework to diagnose organizational maturity along two axes: (y) the organizational culture and mindset, especially that of leadership and management, and (x) the systems which underlie the organization’s people strategy. Using a collaborative discovery and workshop approach, LCW can diagnose your organization’s level of sustainable inclusion and create a roadmap for advancement that also provides measurement milestones along the way.

In this session, presenters will share the theoretical frameworks used to develop the SCI Model, discuss the methodology for using the model to diagnose organizations’ current state, and provide two case studies that demonstrate how the model has been used with client organizations. These case studies will reveal some of the specific actions organizations took to optimize systems and develop proficient mindsets. Ultimately, the goal is to create a Sustainable Culture of Inclusion that produces both a positive working experience and equitable outcomes for employees.


Jul 12 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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