LCW Announces Public Sessions During Black History Month

Looking for meaningful programing to attend this Black History Month? Look no further. LCW is excited to offer two carefully curated versions of our programs to promote important conversations during Black History Month this February. Learn more about our offerings and register to claim your complimentary seat below.

Understanding the Black Experience In America

Course description:

“Understanding the Black Experience in America” is a visceral experience built and vetted by Black/African American experts and their allies. In this course, participants take a candid and deep look at the complexities, experiences, and worldviews of the African American community. Intentionally co-facilitated by Black/African American and Ally facilitators, these conversations help learners understand and appreciate the complexity and history of Black Americans, and to build actionable skills for responding to stereotypes and for recognizing and responding to the challenges members of this community face in the workplace. Time is also spent analyzing and comparing intent versus impact, and explores missed opportunities for connection with and elevation of Black colleagues.

In it’s full form, this cultural immersion is delivered as a 4-hour facilitation. This 75-minute version of the program will preview the full session while focusing on a short historical timeline of key events that have shaped the Black experience in America today.

  • Explore the factors, from past to present, that shape the lived experience of the Black community today – from the joyful to the challenging.
  • Start unpacking gaps in knowledge around cultural, historical, and social issues that limit understanding, equity or true inclusion
  • Get introduced to stereotype threat and its impact in the workplace
  • Get more comfortable having meaningful, brave conversations about race

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Unpacking Racism at the Kitchen Table: Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s and Cream of Wheat

Course description:

Throughout the “racial reckoning” of the past two years, we’ve seen several high-profile brands like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, and Cream of Wheat change their imagery and packaging. This session will center these changes in the context of the Black experience and will frame the conversation within the larger context of the United States’ history of racist stereotypes to reinforce Jim Crow laws.

Initially sponsored by Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta and Unilever’s former Head of Diversity and Cross-Cultural Marketing, this session was developed as a moderated cross-cultural presentation by subject matter experts representing diverse perspectives and has evolved into a 90-minute session, intentionally facilitated by a Cultural Insider and an Ally.

  • Center race and culture in a topical discussion of contemporary issues and current events
  • Frame each conversation in a larger historical or cultural context
  • Address questions and comments shared through Q&A, to help further drive Allyship and facilitate courageous conversations

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Feb 22 - 23 2022


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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