We’ve Had the Courageous Conversations…Now What? Moving from Talk to Action on Race (Video)

Over the past couple of months, organizations all over the world have started talking about race for the first time – in company-wide town halls, the board room, and everywhere in between. To help organizations navigate these topics, LCW has developed and conducted a series of Courageous Conversations focused on various aspects such as the Black experience in America, microaggressions, and allyship in a corporate context.

Senior Consultant Felicia Scott co-facilitates one of these programs, How to Have Difficult Conversations on Race. (To view this program along with others like Putting Current Events in Context, and White Privilege and Race in Central Park – Let’s Talk About Amy Cooper,  visit the Cultural Competence Training page.) After several weeks of facilitating this particular conversation for organizations ranging from small agencies to Fortune 500s, Felicia recently sat down with us to share her insights on what needs to happen in order for leaders and individuals to turn conversation into anti-racist action.

In this quick interview, we discuss:
  • What it’s like being a  Black Woman doing this work right now (3:50)
  • Advice for Black colleagues navigating this new moment (5:00)
  • Exploring and challenging the connection between our history and today’s corporate boardrooms (7:23)
  • What Black professionals want and need from leaders right now (11:00)
  • Getting courageous about metrics, accountability, mentorship, and sponsorship across difference (12:20)
  • Why true allyship is a culture (16:30)
  • How companies can affect systemic racism across institutions (17:25)
  • High-level overview of LCW’s coaching clinics for POC professionals (19:00)
  • Inside LCW’s Microaggressions Clinics (22:00)


We’ve Had the Courageous Conversations…Now What? How Organizations Must Move from Talk to Action on Race from LCW on Vimeo.

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