LCW Welcomes Four New Team Members and Announces Two New Roles

The LCW team is proud to announce four new team members and two new roles, adding to the expertise and skills we utilize every day to drive transformational change for our clients. These additions will allow LCW to stay at the forefront of the industry by developing innovative new offerings, while simultaneously delivering the trusted solutions our clients continue to turn to.

“Tahitia and Melonya bring years of unique experience that compliments the expertise already represented on our consulting and training team,” Chuck Adams, Managing Principal states. “I can’t wait to see how Tahitia and Melonya help our clients make an impact within their organizations.”

“Kelly’s addition to the team as our Director of Instructional Design represents LCW’s commitment to creating innovative content that responds to what clients tell us they need most. Kelly’s instructional design experience is unmatched and we’re lucky to have her,” says Alisa Kolodizner Managing Partner. “We’re also thrilled to welcome Joseph as our Translations Coordinator, a new position that has been created in response to increasing client need. This addition will ensure continued delivery of the high-quality service our clients expect from LCW.”

Alisa adds, “Additionally, by assuming new roles Nicole and Rebecca will be able to maximize their impact at LCW as they support our mission of delivering best-in-class partnerships with our clients. As Director of Content & Research, Rebecca will be instrumental to ensuring LCW’s solutions are relevant, impactful, and always staying ahead of clients’ needs. In her new role as Director of Operations, Nicole will use her skill set to lead our operations team and continue to make our internal processes increasingly more efficient.”

New hires

Melonya Johnson – Consultant

Joseph Parsons – Translation Coordinator

Kelly Salek – Director of Instructional Design

Tahitia Timmons – Senior Consultant

New roles

Nicole Barile – Director of Operations

Rebecca Parrilla – Director of Content & Research

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