LCW Welcomes Alisa Kolodizner as Co-CEO & Managing Partner

For over two decades, LCW has taken a unique and industry-leading approach to helping individuals and organizations succeed across cultures. Well, we are at it again…

Today we are very excited to introduce Alisa Kolodizner as the newest member of LCW’s executive leadership team. Alisa will assume the role of Co-CEO & Managing Partner, while LCW’s founders will shift their focus away from day-to-day operations toward an advisory role that will continue to support the future of LCW. Adding Alisa provides a new generation of innovation and leadership to strengthen and scale LCW’s impact.

Alisa brings a unique business perspective and tremendous business leadership experience to LCW, gained during her successful career in sales and financial services. That experience will guide LCW as we thoughtfully scale our operations and client services. Our goal is to sharpen LCW so we can continue to serve our clients and communities exceptionally well.

“I’m incredibly excited and humbled that I get to do this work now, with this team,” Alisa said in one of her first meetings with LCW colleagues. “I left financial services to find one remarkable company where I can apply my skillsets of building organizations and scaling impact to create equity and opportunity for the most people possible. Working alongside this incredible team, we will take LCW where it’s never been.”

The addition of Alisa to LCW is representative of our commitment to long-term clients and new friends as we accelerate the pace of change. Our executive leadership will be collaborating with our culturally diverse and incredibly talented LCW team to scale our impact, broaden partnerships, and drive industries forward with regards to DEI. Clients can expect the same hands-on approach and deep DEI and culture expertise they have enjoyed for over 22 years.

LCW clients and advisors are excited for what this means for the future of LCW:

Bernard Coleman, Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer of Gusto and a trusted LCW advisor told us, “With the addition of Alisa to the executive team and this investment in LCW’s future, I see LCW doubling down on its mission. This decision really enables LCW to reach an even wider audience with your perspective-shifting, transformative solutions.”

Camille Chang Gilmore, Global Head of DEI for Boston Scientific put it like this: “LCW has been instrumental in supporting BSC to achieve our award-winning levels of success, and I’m thrilled to see LCW enter this next chapter with Alisa. This step positions LCW to grow its impact and help even more organizations meet their goals for equity, inclusion, and excellence on a global scale.”

Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity, and Impact at Carta and long-time LCW advisor adds, “This decision is coming at just the right time in the DEI Tipping Point that the world is experiencing. For years I’ve partnered with the LCW team to bring their innovative solutions to make a difference for my teams. This opportunity with Alisa to truly scale what LCW does best and innovate solutions that the world needs most, it’s amazing. Truly, it means the sky’s the limit.”

We’re thrilled to begin creating a bold new vision and strategy to take DEI solutions, inclusive leadership, and cultural competence to new levels of impact. We aren’t embarking on this journey alone though. Over the coming months, we will be listening to our clients’ needs, desires, and ideas as we set out to innovate this field together. We invite you to join us for what’s next to come at LCW.

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