LCW Welcomes Seven New Hires, Plus a Promotion

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LCW is pleased to announce seven new hires who have been added to the team, plus a promotion. These hires, many of whom now occupy newly created roles at LCW, will play key roles in supporting the firm’s significant growth as well as drive DEI and culture transformation across Fortune 500 organizations globally.

“We’re excited to welcome our first cohort of Associate Consultants along with a new Multimedia Developer,  Business Development Associate, and Intern as collaborators,” says Chuck Adams, Managing Principal of LCW. “These new hires come to us from a variety of cultural backgrounds, disciplines, and locations, which means they’ll contribute a multitude of valuable insights and perspectives to our client partners.”

New Hires

Vince Bongiovanni – Associate Consultant

Amir Ghazaleh – Associate Consultant

Melissa Neu – Business Development Associate

Randy Pringle – Multimedia Developer

Emani Richmond – Associate Consultant

Maxel Schingen – Intern

Ada Vargas – Associate Consultant


Conner Williams – Associate Consultant

“The Associate Consultant role is a new one at LCW, and we’ve also added additional roles on the operations side of the business to promote LCW’s growth,” says Monica Marcel Francois, Partner and Co-Founder.  “This entire group of professionals from different walks of life has already impressed us with their desire to learn and grow every day. We’re  confident that all will make a valuable contribution, drive real change through consulting and training projects, and lay the foundation for a purpose-centered career.”

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