Celebrating and honoring Juneteenth

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What can you do to celebrate and honor this Juneteenth holiday?

Support the agenda for a better future for Black communities in your area!

The agenda for a better future for the Black community is comprehensive and multifaceted, aiming to address systemic inequalities and promote holistic empowerment. By focusing on these key areas, the community seeks to build a future that is equitable, just, and prosperous for all.

ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT – Yes, Reparations must happen first!

  1. Wealth Building and Economic Opportunities:
    • Access to Capital: Improve access to business loans and capital for Black entrepreneurs and small business owners.
    • Job Creation: Encourage policies and programs that promote job creation in Black communities.
    • Fair Wages: Advocate for living wages and the elimination of wage disparities.
  1. Homeownership and Property Ownership:
    • Affordable Housing: Increase access to affordable housing and homeownership opportunities.
    • Community Investment: Support community development projects that enhance the infrastructure and resources of Black neighborhoods.

EDUCATION AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT – Support inner cities schools!

  1. Equitable Education:
    • Quality Education: Ensure access to high-quality education for Black students at all levels, including adequate funding for schools in Black communities.
    • Curriculum Reform: Advocate for a curriculum that includes Black history and contributions and addresses systemic racism.
  1. Workforce Training and Development:
    • Skills Training: Provide workforce training programs that equip Black individuals with skills for high-demand jobs.
    • Mentorship and Internship Programs: Promote mentorship and internship opportunities that help Black youth and adults advance in their careers.


  1. Healthcare Access and Equity:
    • Affordable Healthcare: Ensure affordable and accessible healthcare services for Black communities.
    • Address Health Disparities: Focus on reducing health disparities by addressing the social determinants of health, such as housing, education, and employment.
  1. Mental Health and Wellness:
    • Mental Health Services: Increase access to mental health services and support for trauma and stress related to racial discrimination.
    • Community Wellness Programs: Promote holistic health and wellness programs within the community.


  1. Policing and Criminal Justice:
    • Police Accountability: Advocate for police accountability and the implementation of policies to prevent police brutality.
    • Criminal Justice Reform: Support reforms aimed at reducing mass incarceration, such as fair sentencing laws, rehabilitation programs, and the decriminalization of non-violent offenses.
  1. Reentry Support:
    • Reentry Programs: Provide support for formerly incarcerated individuals to reintegrate into society, including job training, housing assistance, and counseling.


  1. Voting Rights and Political Representation:
    • Protect Voting Rights: Advocate for the protection and expansion of voting rights to ensure fair and equal access to the ballot.
    • Representation: Promote the election and appointment of Black individuals to political office and positions of influence.
  1. Civic Education and Engagement:
    • Civic Education: Educate the community on the importance of civic participation and how to effectively engage in the political process.
    • Community Advocacy: Encourage community organizing and advocacy to influence local, state, and national policies.


  1. Anti-Discrimination Policies:
    • Workplace Equity: Advocate for anti-discrimination policies in the workplace, including diversity and inclusion initiatives.
    • Housing and Lending Practices: Ensure fair housing and lending practices to combat systemic racism in these areas.
  1. Media Representation:
    • Positive Representation: Promote positive and accurate representation of Black people in media and entertainment.
    • Support Black Creators: Support Black creators and entrepreneurs in media, arts, and culture.


  1. Cultural Preservation and Celebration:
    • Cultural Centers: Support the establishment and maintenance of cultural centers and museums that celebrate Black history and culture.
    • Community Events: Encourage community events and festivals that celebrate Black culture and heritage.
  2. Youth Programs:
    • Youth Engagement: Develop programs that engage Black youth in leadership, education, and career development.
    • Safe Spaces: Create safe and supportive spaces for Black youth to learn, grow, and thrive.

In our opinion, the Black community’s agenda for a better future encompasses a broad range of goals aimed at achieving equity, justice, and prosperity. While the specifics can vary, these are some key components commonly advocated for by Black leaders, organizations, and community members.

Happy Juneteenth y’all!!!

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