DEI training designed specifically for your marketing team

Our training uses real industry examples and has been used to train some of the best in the PR, Marketing, and Advertising space

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Cross-cultural approach

Culture-focused at our core, we collaborate with organizations worldwide to develop the mindsets, systems, and skills needed to succeed across dimensions of identity.

20+ years of experience

Our solutions are informed by 20+ years of global experience and practical subject matter expertise.

Customized solutions and intentional delivery

We partner with clients for sustained, long-term transformation that leverages your organizational culture to achieve measurable results.

For decades, we’ve worked directly with PR, Marketing, and Advertising firms to develop training that leverages impactful case studies and evidence-based learning for impactful results.

Course 1

Unpacking Racism at the Kitchen Table: Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s and Cream of Wheat

The initial brainchild of Mita Mallick, Unilever’s former Head of Diversity and Cross-Cultural Marketing, this session is facilitated by subject matter experts representing diverse perspectives. Participants will learn how to center race and culture in a topical discussion of contemporary issues and current events, frame each conversation in a larger historical or cultural context, and address questions and comments shared through Q&A, to help further drive allyship and facilitate courageous conversations.

Program Format: Facilitated Training

Audience: All Marketing, Advertising, and PR professionals

Course 2

Culture & Identity

This program begins with an introduction to the concepts of culture – acknowledging but also moving beyond national culture to explore how the various cultural groups we belong to (race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, faith, educational background, among many others) shape and impact our cultural identity and how people see us. The module emphasizes foundational concepts needed for building and developing cultural competence.

Program Format: eLearning

Audience: Leaders & Executives, People Managers, HR, and Individual Contributors

Course 3

Anti-Racism Toolkit for Marketers

To continue the conversation and support action around inclusion, LCW offers Leader-Led Anti-Racism Discussion Guides on the topics of How to Have Brave Conversations, Diverting from Race, Individualizing Racism, Coded Language, Intent vs Impact, and Allyship. Each of the guides is designed to help facilitate anti-racism conversations and develop team-specific inclusion goals after program participation.

Program Format: Toolkit

Audience: Anyone who has previously participated in an in-depth, race-centered inclusion workshop or learning event.

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