LCW’s Celebrating Juneteenth Learning Module

Person on a laptop viewing the Juneteenth learning module

Juneteenth marks the ending of slavery in the United States and commemorates the date –June 19, 1865–when a Union general read federal orders in Galveston, Texas that all previously enslaved people in Texas were free. Even though the Emancipation Proclamation had formally freed enslaved people 2.5 years earlier, enforcement of the proclamation had been slow and inconsistent and Texas was the last state to be informed that slavery had been abolished in the United States.

This year, amid the increased attention Juneteenth has garnered across the U.S., the LCW team wants to take this opportunity to drive open, honest conversation and continue to educate on the history of this day.

We curated resources to create a short learning module, Celebrating Juneteenth, to help our team, clients, and partners learn more about Juneteenth and its significance – as well as the experience of the Black community in the United States. You can access the module using the form above.

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