Learning Journeys

Customize a structured training and learning strategy to mitigate unconscious bias and develop inclusive leadership throughout every level of your organization

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LCW Inclusive Leadership & Intercultural Competencies

Every LCW Learning Journey is grounded in four overarching competencies that must be actively practiced to effectively advance DEI. These competencies show up differently in day-to-day work based on your organizational role.

Awareness & Knowledge

Creates a shared understanding of language and concepts of DEI and cultural competence

Cultural Literacy

Takes actions to sincerely understand cultural values, experiences, and behaviors of themself and others

Empathy & Collaboration

Listens and speaks in authentic, brave, and culturally competent ways

Sustainable Inclusion

Leverages diversity in ways that connects, fosters trust, promotes belonging, and boosts performance

Journey Programs

These suggested paths help your people strengthen its Inclusive Leadership Competencies. LCW experts use these learning journeys as a starting place to collaborate in developing a customized plan that achieves long-term, measurable results.

Inclusive Leadership Learning Journeys

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Inclusive Leadership
Individual Contributors

This program introduces the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion to all employees. Your learners are motivated to advance inclusion for themselves, their teams, and the larger organization as they internalize DEI concepts and intercultural competence, while gaining heightened awareness of the cultures that shape their own perspectives and behaviors.

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Inclusive Leadership
People Managers

This program enables people managers to act with accountability and demonstrate conscious inclusion in the ways they develop and engage their teams every day. Your managers will build knowledge about themselves and about cultural groups around them while practicing how to inclusively manage and develop equitable teams.

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Inclusive Leadership
Senior Leaders

This program equips senior leaders to act with accountability, ensure inclusion is driving innovation, and demonstrate commitment to ongoing change. Your organization’s leaders will have access to tools that prepare them to own, speak up about, and set the tone around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Mitigating Unconcious Bias Learning Journeys

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Mitigating Unconscious Bias

Individual Contributors

This program introduces the importance of mitigating unconscious bias to all employees. Participants understand how biases are obstacles to inclusion, identify various ways that unconscious biases emerge in the workplace, and learn and practice ways to interrupt them while contributing to a culture of inclusion and belonging.


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Mitigating Unconscious Bias

People Managers

This program enables people managers to act with accountability and do their part to examine their people-related processes for susceptibility to unconscious bias. Outcomes include more equitable development of team members, higher team engagement levels, and a culture of inclusion and belonging.

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Mitigating Unconscious Bias

Senior Leaders

This program equips senior leaders to act with accountability, mobilize bias-free talent processes, and demonstrate commitment to the hard work of ongoing change. Outcomes include retaining the best talent, prioritizing inclusive people systems, and equitable outcomes for employees.

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