Sarah Gluckstein


Get to know me in three:

My home away from home

After college, I spent several years living in Berkeley, California, and have a lot of fond memories of the Bay Area.

The values that influence me

When I was a teenager, I read a science fiction book where the aliens celebrated the greatest human concept: “loving-kindness.” I took that to heart, and endeavor to live every day not just with compassion for all people, but to apply Mr. Rogers’s philosophy that “love is a doing word.” My goal in life is to reduce suffering in whatever way I can.

My diversity story

I began exploring my queer identity in college, after taking my first gender studies class on the recommendation of my astrophysics professor! I’m extremely lucky that my family of origin is loving and inclusive, and I’m grateful to be able to provide that same support to friends I’ve made in the LGBTQ community who need it. This has led me to learning a lot about the intersectionality of our community with race, ability, socioeconomic status, and many other factors that shape people’s lives.


Sarah’s passion for quantitative problem-solving has taken her through studying astronomy, teaching high school physics, insurance administration, and now to accounting. She is the owner of Lucky Stone Bookkeeping.


Sarah is a native Midwesterner, and lives in Chicago with her wife and cats. In her spare time, she enjoys textile crafts, transformative fiction, tabletop role-playing games, and cooking.

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