Randall Stieghorst

Founder & Executive Team Member
A smiling man with short hair wearing a tie

Get to know me in three:

My home away from home:I feel fortunate to be able to travel to Brazil, Argentina, and Latvia – and feel exceedingly ‘at home’ in so many deep and meaningful ways.
What makes LCW special:To me, LCW is special because we continue, as we always have, to focus on understanding the complexities of culture and identity – and what that means to our personal and professional relationships.
The values that influence me:In all of my work, I tend to highly value pragmatism – which I find to be an important lens through which to really understand culture in meaningful ways.


Randall brings many years of personal and professional cross-cultural experience to LCW’s leadership, and more importantly, to LCW’s intercultural training and consulting services. He has designed, developed, and delivered training programs focused on LCW’s core areas (cultural competence, inclusion, and unconscious bias) for groups all over the world, spanning the corporate, non-profit, and educational environments.


Born in the US, Randall began his cross-cultural journey as an AFS exchange student in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. A decade later, as a Peace Corps Volunteer, he was a teacher and trainer in Latvia. Since then, he has had the opportunity to live, work, and study for extended periods in both Argentina and Brazil.


Randall has an International M.B.A. from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, is a certified IDI® coach, and is proud to speak several languages – the strongest of which are Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Latvian.

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