LCW Announces a New Visual Identity

The old LCW logo featuring a red globe appears next to the new LCW logo featuring a bright, multicolored ribbon.

The Future is Bright!

Since 2000, LCW has been helping individuals and organizations navigate cultural difference. In the 20+ years since our founding, our commitment to helping clients navigate the ever-changing complexities of communication, inclusion, and culture has remained the foundation of our work. Today, our team of intercultural experts is trusted by organizations worldwide to develop the mindsets, systems, and skills needed to succeed in a culturally diverse world through evidence-based training solutions and consulting services.

We’re excited to announce that the LCW you’ve trusted with cultural competence, diversity, equity, and inclusion for the past 20 years is getting a contemporary new look to celebrate our reenergized commitment to our clients for the next 20 years! Our new visual identity very intentionally balances our heritage with our dedication to the future of cultural competence—approachable yet professional, energetic yet mature.

Take a look at some of the aspirations and meaning behind this shift:



The LCW logo: blue text reading "lcw" next to a multicolored ribbon folded into a circle.

Our new color palette honors LCW’s history while adding contemporary energy that drives us into the future. Our primary color remains a professional, timeless dark blue to honor decades of cross cultural expertise but now with pops of bold, confident colors complementing it, including teal, yellow, and magenta. The bright and energizing colors capture the energy and modern innovation we bring to our clients each day as flexible partners that adapt to your needs.



The LCW mosaic ribbon, featuring bright colors on a ribbon folded into a circle.

The new LCW logo prominently features what we call the “LCW ribbon,” which reimagines LCW’s previous logos while introducing new elements now integral to our work. The LCW ribbon is continuous and interconnected, symbolizing the nature of unending work changing mindsets and systems. The ribbon evokes a spherical shape with its rounded edges, adding dimension and discretely calling back to the globe imagery within our previous logos.

The LCW logo with arrows highlighting the inward motion of the folded ribbon motif.

The multi-colored arrows that form the LCW ribbon represent the many cultures and identities our work brings together, pointing inward to signify a convergence of identities, experiences, and ideas. Additionally, the non-linear, superset position of the ribbon next to the typeface hearkens innovation and lacks rigidity, much like LCW’s work creating personalized solutions for our clients’ most complex problems.


Negative Space

The LCW logo with arrows highlighting the outward motion of the negative space in the ribbon motif.

While the arrows provide inward motion, the negative space within the ribbon creates outward movement, capturing how the transformational work we do by coming together makes its way back out to impact the communities where people live and organizations where people work.

The LCW logo with a compass star overlaid in the negative space of the ribbon motif.

Further, the eight points formed by the negative space are reminiscent of a compass star, reminding us that we are here to guide clients as partners in their organizations’ own inclusion journeys across languages and geography. We recognize that transformation takes time and journey alongside you to achieve sustainable, long-term transformation and impact with measurable goals.


LCW remains your partner in fostering resilient, diverse teams as we seek to build a sustainable culture of inclusion throughout each organization with which we work. Bolstered by 20 years of global experience, we’re eager to take the next step forward together into a bold, new future.

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